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Cycle Repair Shop

You got a problem in your bike? No worries. Head off to the repair shop or leave your cycle for an attendant to repair. This is a dedicated spot for cycle repair facility for the students within campus vicinity. The staff shall be on rotation for bike maintenance.

Time: 8:00am to 5:00pm

Where: near Point Area- NED main campus.

Cycle Stations

From where to get a cycle? Main cycle stations are provided at the two entrance of NED university main campus. This is to facilitate students entering from NED main gate and Maskan Gate to get a bike to ride for their departments before they get late.

These stations have proper bike racks for parking. Students getting a bike in the morning shall place back the bikes on the tracks when they leave so the next day they can ride again from the main gate.

CycleYaari CLub Activities

What we do at CycleYaari?
At CycleYaari , we have fun riding our bikes, we keep ourselves fit, we build and maintain a fantastic network of trails, we organise a wide range of events on vacations and weekends to advocate for our CycleYaari bikers.
We value:
♦ Fun
♦ Competition
♦ Openness
♦ Inclusiveness
♦ Community
♦ Green Transportation
And to be successful in life, we believe in being fast and furious!

What More Do We Offer?

Information Office

CycleYaari office with a staff hired full time from 8:30am to 4:30 pm. The staff shall be liable to keep a complete database record of cycles and students using it. The office will entertain students by providing them information and registration details. The office shall also act upon the complains recieved.


CycleYaari shall ensure security of cycles.

Medical Office

CycleYaari shall be monitoring over any unwanted incident and be providing with medical facility and first aid instantly

Upcoming Plans

CycleYaari Upgrade

Cycle Yaari engineers are developing customized Mobile Application and automatic locking system that will completely change the service scenario from everything manual to everything automated and monetized. This will ensure smooth running of the system as we believe in providing quality and smooth service to our users.

CycleYaari Mobile Application

The mobile application will add to strengthening Cycle Yaari community. It shall retain profiles of all Cycle Yaari club members. The mobile application shall trace all the cycles’ availability at parking stations and display it on screen for riders ease. The application shall also ensure security of each bicycle by generating alerts.

It will consist of an embedded cash flow means so the user does not have to fuss around in queues for the sake of renewing or taking membership in the Cycle Yaari Club.

The Application interface shall be very smooth, fast, user friendly and engaging for users.

Automatic Docking System

This shall essentially be a parking system that provides automatic locking facility for the bicycles doing away with the need of manual cycle locks. This system shall be synced with the mobile Application.

What People Say About CycleYaari?

Glimpses of Tour De NED thrill

Azadi Ride at NED University!

Take a look at the pictures of the Azadi Ride that took place on August 14th,2016.

About Us

CYCLE YAARI is an initiative of the students of NEDUET. It offers cycle networking facility for the students to cut travelling time and cover long distances resourcefully ensuring a peaceful, pollution free, feasible, accessible and healthy commuting means.

This is a unique initiative in Pakistan as it promotes cycling among the students. The future plan entails automating and monetizing the entire system and expanding to incorporate all the big university campuses of Pakistan.